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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five months active after so many years away and inactive!

I was going through the SFI forum this morning and I came across this forum post by Paul Huijs (unedited). I hope it inspires on!

"If I see what happened the last few weeks then I am anxious to find out what the future holds for us...
Now here is my story,.. I hope it motivates some people to become (more) active or I hope that with this post some people stop worrying about those "inactive" PSAs and CSAs....I signed up for SFI about 8 years ago because like all I saw it was free and I could earn money 
 Heej, what more do I want right ? I read a bit about what I was supposed to do and it didn't take me long to figure out I need points.. So I got a SO for (back then it was IAHBE) 1500 VPs to make it ( and stay ) EA. I did 
that for about a month or 3 and then saw nothing happened 
 No money, No millions, No big houses and cars.. Just another thing that took some money from me.

After that I stopped NOT because of  but because I saw so many other opportunities online that I just went on to the next. The next 7 or 8 years I did ( almost ) anything that has to do with website creation and affiliate marketing. That was ok for the time being but it takes a LOT of work maintaining several websites. I wanted to work online to create some FREE time for my family and kids.. So about 6 months ago I ran in to an advertisement from SFI (again) and I got curious again. Everything I did those years ago in SFI was gone already so I contacted support and I was able to start all over again..

Now after being 5 months in  again I have a Genealogy that goes 4 levels deep already with 5174 souls in it. I am SO GLAD I started SFI again and that I decided to stay focused and LEARN what it is I should do now 

I used to own a Bar and when our kids were born I quit that.. But because of contracts I ended up with a lot of debt.. For 2 years our life was "hard" ( like most people nowadays) but since SFI  I got HOPE again.. SFI paid for my kids B-Day last month 
 SFI will make our X-mass a bit better this year and I can only imagine what SFI will do for my family in the future to come..

With the MOST respect I thank Mr & Ms Gery & Bonnie Carson,
and the entire IT staff for making this possible for me / us
 I hope to become a even better asset to SFI and a good leader to my team.

For many years to come I will be a HUGE fan of ALL SFI related people !! 

Do you want to be a part of such a success story? Then join SFI HERE