Aim high, Dream big

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The modern day slavery called JOB

Any job you take must be a temporary classroom on your way to your purpose else you are participating and re-enacting 18th century slave trade. One of the most pathetic situations in life is when you spend most of your life achieving the dream of others without achieving yours. You should endeavor to work where your dreams can be achieved because you are sent to work with people NOT for people. Always seek to make your employment a win-win scenario not a favor from your employer.

In hindsight, I have come to the conclusion that God does not want you to be employed but to be deployed – to grow the talent(s) that has been deposited inside of you. You have an assignment from God – what you are carrying is too important to be prostituted for a salary. Do not allow someone dictate your value by paying you salary. It is important you see salary for what it is – a stipend to make you comfortable during your study period.

Original post credited to my mentor *Dipo Tepide*