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Friday, April 11, 2014

Testimonies Abound!

I saw this forum post and thought I should share. It really made me thinking. 

Unread postby Ma leticia 11237071 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:42 am
It would be interesting to read the testimonials of our Gold and Platinum Team Leaders. Your three questions were thought provoking that made me want to reply to your questions, although I am neither a Gold nor a Platinum Team Leader.

1) What were you doing before or still doing before joining SFI? 
The year before I joined SFI, I was already being pushed at the edge of the cliff that I had to give up our offline business, which we nurtured for more than a decade with passion, dedication, and hard work.

2) The reason you joined SFI?
I heard that the biggest, most generous source of alternate income for many people is the internet. So, I thought of why not try my luck to make money online.

The story of my first venture to earn online started when I landed on SFI website last November 19, 2010. Although, SFI was the first business opportunity I joined online, yet, regretfully, it was the last one I put my effort into. I have lost the focus. I forgot all about SFI. I got side tracked with social networking sites designed for internet marketers and wandered off to participate in other programs until my plate was full and ended up a master of none.

3) What SFI has done for you since joining for yourself and or family? 
When I was going back and forth at SFI in 2012, I noticed that the website had an enticing new look that gave me an impression of growth and progress. Then slowly, I started giving SFI a serious look and said to myself, “Ok, this time, I will give SFI my best shots!”

What SFI has done for me? 1) HOPE! Hope to provide my family extra freebies, comfort, and enjoyment; and to be able to leave them substantial amount of money in the future. And most especially, hope to build a solid and growing SFI business that can be transferred from one generation to the next generation in the form of will (I read somewhere this is possible). You see, with SFI, I have so many things to hope for. 2) EXCITEMENT! I am really excited and anticipating the day when I can see my first 5-figure monthly commission with SFI. 3) MONEY! I love the movement of my SFI money in my bank and PayPal accounts. CONTENTMENT & SATISFACTION! I am happy and contented doing my SFI business. There is so much to learn. Learning is really from womb to tomb. There is no idle time with SFI. I love inspiring and helping affiliates from my team, other teams, a2a friends, TC connections, etc.; and a chance to be able to do something that really makes a difference in our SFI community.