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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friends ask me what my business is

This week alone, i had a lot of friends especially on Facebook and people i don't even know asking me about my business. You see, so many people have been burned badly in the past due to their involvement in one business or the other that they failed to know when the real opportunity presented itself.

I have been burned, scammed and even failed in so many ventures before, just like a lot of people out there. That has not stopped me from seeking opportunities out there. If i had been afraid to stick my neck out because of a bad experience i had in the past, there is no way i would have found SFI.

For sure, there are never any ''pie in the sky'', some effort of your own is needed to work on the platform that has been provided for you. Don't let anybody tell you that you will make $10,000 in 24 hours in an online business. I have never seen that happen and it will never happen! In fact, i run for my life when i see adverts with such captions like '' Join now and make a million within a month!'' blah, blah, blah.

So when my friends ask me about my business, i point then to SFI, which stands for Strong Future International with head quarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. The good thing i tell them is that, it is all free to join with no obligation to pay or purchase anything ever! I tell them to go take a look at it, test it for a month and if it doesn't work for them as they have thought, they should just move on and i will offer my apologies for directing them wrongly! You know what? With SFI, i can never be wrong. I have been working the SFI business for two(2) years and it has been a jolly ride so far with dollars in my pocket paid out to my Payoneer Master Card monthly. No other business can beat SFI's compensation plan.

I wish i knew about this great opportunity 5 years ago! Anyway, i compensate myself with the fact that i now know about them. For two years i have been a Bronze Team Leader, BTL with a solid team of friends, family members and others who i mentor on a daily basis.

Are you hearing of SFI for the first time? Then, this is the right time to plug into this business. All you need is just an Internet enabled Computer or a Smart Phone with internet capabilities. It is a home business you can do from the comfort of your home. Some call it the best internet home business in the whole world. This is not an exaggeration. They have been in existence for almost 25 years with millions paid out monthly till date, never missing any payment.

You want to learn or know more about this home based internet opportunity, you can check HERE and its always free to JOIN.

See you all at the top!