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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SFI By The Numbers

There are lots of positives coming out from SFI this year alone after so many record breaking feats were recorded in 2013. I am not going to bore you with long stories but I am going to highlight some of the achievement SFI has had this year.

  • 16th successful year for SFI (29th for SFI's parent company)
  • 14 years Bronze member of the Better Business Bureau, BBB
  • 2.2  million affiliates  (month to month enrolment of 133, 866 affiliates)
  • 2.1 million TripleClicks members
  • 203 countries with members
  • 111,000+ commissionable products (3,100 new added last week)
  • 6,720 E-Commerce Affiliates, ECAs (in 164 countries)
  • 373 ECAs in Nigeria (check for your countries ECAs here)
  • 196 LocalPay Merchants (in 51 countries)
  • 50 LocalPay Merchants in Nigeria (check for your countries LocalPay Merchants here)
  • 1601 -'s global popularity rank (source:
  • Millions - Commissions paid out to affiliates (in US Dollars)  
The stats just keep growing every day. This is the right time to plug in and either become an affiliate, a TripleClicks member or even as an ECA.

I am just too glad to be one of several millions of affiliates with SFI. I am also proud to be not just an affiliate but a Bronze Team Leader!

 You can join free HERE